Lawn Maintenance Services

We understand that there are many steps to getting your landscape looking the way you want, which is why we offer landscape maintenance services. Since we offer planting design and installation, we understand just what it takes to maintain a landscape throughout the years. Let us help keep your landscape clean and healthy by exploring our different landscape maintenance services.


Mulch Top-Dressing

Mulching landscape beds is a great way to add uniformity to your landscape. Mulch is usually replenished annually with a fresh 1-1½” layer of fresh mulch. While 1-3” is desirable, thick piles of mulch around trees and plantings can be detrimental to growth and should be avoided. Mulch also helps prevent weed growth, retains moisture and in most cases adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil.

Annual Beds, Pots and Planters

Let our experts create a beautiful focal point for your landscape! With a large variety of annuals grown at our greenhouse, we'd love to come design and install your annual beds, pots and planters for you in the spring and/or fall. We can maintain those beds, pots and/or planters as well by weeding them, dead-heading the annuals when necessary and removing your annuals when the season has ended. 

Ornamental Bed Weed Control

We know what a pain it is to pull the same weed out over and over again. Save your back some trouble and have the professionals at Smitty's take care of the weeds for you. We can use a variety of different methods to control your ornamental beds from weeds and have your bed looking like new in no time! 


Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Pruning can be a form of art when done properly. It improves the overall plant health by removing older stems and puts its energy into promoting new growth. It also helps prevent disease and improves air circulation. Let our pruning specialist sculpt your shrubs and small trees into perfection.