Mulch & Landscape Products

We use a variety of different products, which you can check out below. Each product has different qualities and styles and one is bound to fit your personal style perfectly. We can either use these materials in your landscape installation or you can purchase them from us for your DIY project at home!


Mulching landscape beds is a great way to add uniformity to your landscape. Mulch is usually replenished annually with a fresh 1-1½” layer of fresh mulch. While 1-3” is desirable, thick piles of mulch around trees and plantings can be detrimental to growth and should be avoided. Mulch also helps prevent weed growth, retains moisture and in most cases adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil.


Depending on the level of quality and price range you would prefer, we have a large variety of different product suppliers that we work with to offer you endless possibilities. Contact us today to view the different products and pick out what will go perfectly in your own yard or business.


Here at Smitty's, we know that plants are the key element to really setting off your landscape and we've got an endless amount of ideas and combinations that are sure to be unique to your style and also bring a bright, stunning combination of plants for all seasons!


We grow many of our annuals, perennials and groundcovers in our very own greenhouse and we also carry a large selection of shrubs and trees. But if we don't have it in stock, No worries. We'll do our very best to find it and order for you!

Bulk Materials

We've got all your bulk materials from start to finish. We make sure your hardscape is installed professionally and correctly and make sure to use the correct materials for the job. Some of what we carry includes retaining wall base rock, base aggregate for pavers, bulk mulch (different colors) and bagged mulch, decorative rock and river rock.