Premium Lawn Care Package

Our premium plan is perfect for those looking for an all-inclusive lawn care package. Our proven lawn care program along with core aeration, seeding, disease control, and nutsedge control will ensure your lawn is always at its best. 

Nutsedge, also known as nutgrass, can quickly destroy your perfect lawn. It is a perennial grass-like weed that is common in Fort Dodge and can quickly take root in the warmer months. If left untreated, it can grow in patches of 10ft or more! Once nutsedge takes root in your lawn, it is very difficult to control. The lawn care professionals at Smitty's will help you eliminate and prevent nutsedge so you can have the best-looking lawn on the block!

Family Fun in Field

With our Premium Lawn Care Package, you'll get:

 Free Lawn Analysis

 6 Lawn Health Care Visits

 Smitty's Natural Blend Fertilizer

 Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control

 Broadleaf Weed Control

 Guaranteed Grub Control

 Greene Effect Fertilizer w/6% Iron

 Liquid Aeration x4

 Liquid Thatch Digester

 Microgreen Micronutrient Pack

 RGS Stimulator

 High Quality Blend Overseed

 pH Adjustment - Soil Amendments

 Free Soil Sample Analysis

 Free Service Calls