Flea & Tick Shield

Our professional flea and tick shield service all starts with a free inspection of your lawn to locate the harboring sites of the fleas and ticks. On our first visit, we will spray your lawn and surrounding targeting areas like wood lines, shrubbery, and tall grass to reduce your flea and tick population as much as possible. Our flea and tick control professionals work hard to provide you with results that you can count on to protect your family all season long. When you partner with us, we will put your mind at ease while allowing you to enjoy your lawn again!

Protect Your Furry Friends from Fleas

Fleas come around when the weather is warm and comfortable. People typically experience fleas during the late spring and often into the early fall season. These critters enjoy the humidity, along with temperatures ranging between 65 and 80 degrees. Where can you find fleas? They usually live on your pets and in the environment that you live in. Pre-adult fleas, the ones you don't see, live in your home and around your lawn, representing over 90% of the flea population. The unruly, but common, pre-adult fleas are more resistant to the treatments than adult fleas.

Prevent Tick-Borne Viruses

Like fleas, ticks are a huge concern for everyone. Pets and pet owners are especially concerned with the ticks during the summer because they will latch onto the skin of your animal. When ticks bite, the bite will be irritating and sometimes can cause an allergic reaction. The major issue with ticks is that they are capable of carrying and transmitting diseases such as Lyme Disease and the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. In order for ticks to survive and mature, they must attach to an animal or human to feed off of. These parasites are found outside in areas of low rush and shrubs. Once summer is over, ticks are able to hibernate and survive through the winter.


If you have pets, fleas and ticks can be a problem pest to control. Ticks can also cause human health problems with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, and other tick-borne diseases. Fleas and ticks can multiply rapidly and can infest pets, people, and even inside of your home.

 3 Flea & Tick Control Visits

 Safe & Effective

 60 day control

 Liquid Application

 Applied to Perimeter of Property,     Shrubs, Trees, and Lawn