The Professional Deer Shield

The Most Effective, long-lasting warm weather Professional Deer Shield

At Smitty's Lawn and Landscape, we understand the frustrations you may have with deer helping themselves to your landscape. Deer can destroy your landscape and your favorite plants in a matter of days. With our professional strength and long-lasting repellents, Spring & Summer, you can enjoy your gardens without having to reapply deer repellent after every rain storm.

Deer damage to landscape plants has become a costly nuisance. Minimizing impacts from deer will not only improve the look of your landscaping, but it can also help protect the value of your home. A well-maintained lawn and landscape can add up to 15% on the value of your property.

Our Deer Shield Program

Our deer shield program is designed to help reduce the amount of deer feeding on your landscape plants. We offer a program of monthly applications with the number of applications we recommend being based on the actual plant material in your landscape. A single treatment will reduce feeding for 30 to 45 days, depending on the weather conditions. Out treatments are not a guarantee against feeding or damage. However, if deer feed on treated plants within 30 days of the last application, we will gladly retreat those plants at no cost to you.


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  • Smitty's Lawn-Landscape-GardenCenter
  • Smitty's Lawn-Landscape-GardenCenter
  • Smitty's Lawn-Landscape-GardenCenter
  • Smitty's Lawn-Landscape-GardenCenter

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