Smitty's Design Services

We design for YOU. Through our design process, we meet with you, discuss what you like and don't like and put together a design that is unique to you and your property. Below are some of our Design Services.

Masterplan Designs

Whether you have a vision for your whole property or you have no idea where to start, we've got ideas for you that will fit your property perfectly. We can provide masterplan design services where we will design your entire property for you. And whether you want to make the investment all at once, or need for us to break it down, we can suggest installation phases that will break down the design into more managable pieces. 


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Hardscape Elements

We have years of experience under our belt for designing and installing hardscape elements. We work with a variety of different hardscape products to deliver a project that is unique to your style. Look through our examples to see some of our work.


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Softscape Elements

Here at Smitty's, we know that plants are the key element to really setting off your landscape and we've got an endless amount of ideas and combinations that will be sure to be unique to your style and also bring a bright, stunning combination of plants for all seasons!


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