Seasonal Clean-Ups

The weather in the midwest can be very detrimental to your landscape & lawn, especially after multiple windy days of -50 degrees Fahrenheit! That is why we here at Smitty's offer clean-up services to both help prepare your landscape in the fall for the oncoming winter, and help it start right in the spring!


Spring Clean-Up

Preparing your lawn for spring after a long winter can sometimes be a daunting task. Our Lawn Maintenance Specialist are trained and ready to get your lawn prepared for the growing season. We will visit your property and clear all the leaves, sticks, debris left from winter. We will then cleanup the landscape beds, remove annual flowers that were left from fall, cut back perennials, and prune any trees and shrubs. We will perform the first mowing of the season with special rakes mounted on the front of mowers to lift the matted down grass left from the snow. The last and final touch, our specialist will edge sidewalks, curbs, driveways, and landscape beds.

Fall Foliage

Fall Clean-Up

Depending on your property, the fall leaf drop can be a huge challenge. Leaves are no match for our special equipment designed to make quick work of removing leaves from your property. We use specially designed mulching blades on our mowers to grind up the leaves and then we bag them up and haul away. When it comes to fall leaf removal you have to options, You can schedule ongoing leaf removal or wait till they have all fallen and we can clean them one time.

Curbside Pick-up

Sometimes people enjoy raking their own leaves, but are left with task of what to do with them. We have you covered, just move the

piles to the curb and give us a call. We will come visit your property with our huge leaf vacuum and load them into a specially designed

trailer and hall them away.